Hogget, Mutton & Lamb

Pure Ryeland sheep mature slowly and hence we over-winter these to create ‘hogget’ at between 15 to 20 months old.  It is the real connoisseur’s choice of sheep meats; rich in flavour and with a firm texture and low in fat.  This is a meat that reflects its upbringing and there's not much of it around - too much trouble to keep, but we reckon it’s well worth it!  Hung to perfection, it is available from us between June and December.

The high-quality protein in hogget and mutton sates the appetite and repairs and maintains our bodies.  These meats have every essential amino acid we need, plus high levels of valuable micronutrients, including easily absorbed iron to energise us, zinc to support the immune system and B vitamins to help us think straight. 

Since sheep graze on green pastures, the fat in their meat is an excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid, which is heart-healthy and helps protect us against cancer.

Goat Meat

Goat is low in fat and cholesterol but high in protein. Goat meat is rising fast in popularity with many celebrity chefs promoting it heavily as a healthy and practical alternative to red meats.

At Elchies our Boer cross does are mated to a pedigree Boer buck.  Our does are dairy and cashmere boer crosses which ensures that the females are good milkers and winter hardy – essential in Speyside!  They are renowned for their good conformation, fast-growing kids, high fertility rates and adaptability, making them the perfect meat goat, and producing the highest quality, tasty and tender meat possible.