Ryeland Rare Breed Sheep

Elchies lamb, hogget and mutton is produced from Ryeland sheep.  This breed was developed in the Ross-on-Wye area and was called 'the sweet meat of Herefordshire'.  We maintain a herd of pedigree Ryeland and through innovatively crossing pure bred Ryeland rams with Texel cross ewes we produce lambs that mature in a way ideally suited to our Speyside land and climate.  We grow most of our lambs slowly to produce Elchies Hogget.  Slaughtered and butchered locally at between 15 and 24 months, Elchies Hogget combines rich, mature flavour with the low fat and tenderness of quality Scottish lamb.  Some stock is run on to 36 months to provide a supply of high quality traditional mutton.

Our sheep are sheared annually and their fleeces shipped to the Halifax Spinning Mill for production into our range of yarns and felting tops.  Whole fleeces are available for sale during the summer months.

Our Ryeland stud rams come from the multiple champion winning bloodline reared by breeder, Susan Bryden, at Broomwell Ryelands